Rehabilitation project of 'Los antiguos Baños del Carmen' in Málaga

This Project born when I discover a peculiar space, with a full live pass and living in a present of degradation. It’s located in Malaga city, we find ‘Los antiguos Baños del Carmen’
Next to the road, int the Palo quarter, actuality it’s a residence zone, it was an area of explendor in the 20’s.
It’s delimited by the sea and the road, it’s the natural end of the seafront, is in the bay of Malaga.
This project it’s a proposal to recuperate a recreation and cultural space. The recuperation of forgotten building, with a peculiar architecture from the past century; with glazed details in the rooftop, hydraulic pavements in the interior space and at exterior terraces, wood carpenters, and Mediterranean technical’s of constructions.
This space will pretend be the group of different spaces without barriers, natural. It could be a multi space; with a coffee, bar into the old part of the building, and multi space for exhibitions, projections, and cocktail space o conferences… in the space who was terraced building. It will be pretend to be open at the sea and at the nature, with a terrace when we can take the vermouth, and in the top of this building we project another terraces, with awning dancing with the Mediterranean air.