Geometric bedroom for orderly dreams

We have redesigned the main bedroom, giving it a geometric air with a large headboard based on hydraulic tiles in neutral tones and we combined it with the closet doors. We make these with an iron structure, with a very fine profile with broken white painted glasses, all personalized; choosing shades, comparing, looking profiles ... The whole process has been enjoyable! Very minimalist four-leaf sliding wardrobe. We softened the atmosphere with white side panels with a molding. For the styling we had doubts, so we have made two:
First we dress the bed with a white embossed bedspread and large gray cushions, with a little touch of mustard. For the second we risk more, and bet on Santa living home wear, with the Acrux model, with those Mediterranean waves that break the geometry. Which one do you prefer?

Bedroom in Poblenou · Barcelona · 2020.