Restoration in Soria

It’s about renovation and restauration of a second residence, it’s 150sqm, and 200 years old, it’s distributed in two floors and one undercover, into a little village, with views at the Castle and at the river.
We found the house with several problems in the floor structure and in the cover, we need to change it. The access it’s on floor plan, when we can find the salon, cook and a little WC, with a folded slab staircase we can access at the second floor, when we distributed two spacious bedrooms. We recuperated the originals doors, and a complet WC.
A staircase leads us at the undercover, produced all with Soria Pine wood.
We installed micro cement continuous pavement and in the main floor, we recuperated two zones with hydraulic pavement from the house.
All of divisions has been plastered and painted in white. The basics materials has been originals stones from the house, Soria Pine wood for the carpenters and continuous pavement to unify spaces.

Projected in '09
Work execution 2009-10
Built by Reformas Soria