by Merce

22 March, 2017

Wellcome at the hall

Hello! We welcome you to the weblog. It pretends to be a place to collect ideas, concerns, interestings designs, or some ideas from others, and so we started.

Open the door and go ahead, we start with the first thing we can find, the hall. This is the first impression that the peple will take when someone enters to your house, your store, your business.

Usually at home is a space not very large, transit and sometimes distributes your home, although that doesn’t mean that we can’t dress according to our style or trends. The customs and needs of each of us it’s important too; Some people prefer a closet to leave the coat, the rain boots, or simple a place to leave the keys… or the bicicle!

We believe it has to be a functional space, comfortable and with a design following your line.

We can play with different elements such as benches, that serve us to give a cozy touch, we can accompany them with cushions and complements like old baskets, making them combine and help us to give a welcoming air.

Another very easy and practical element to combine are the high tables. They tend to be narrow, so we will not take up much space and at the same time help us to organize better, they will had drawers for the keys and other accessories in sight. Or more enclosed furniture, which can help store tools, shoes … all those things we never know where to keep. These furniture can be accompanied, according to our style with geometric accessories, figures, some drawing or mirror, also can be accompanied with plants that always give a touch of life. I hope the images help you to inspire you.


And we do not forget the most sportsmen! If you are an urbanite that can not get off your bike, do not have to end up hanging in the garage, we propose to integrate your passion in the entrance of your house, What do you think?