by Merce

10 May, 2018

Terraces and balcony point for spring!

I want to go out to the terrace!

Spring is here! Temperatures rise and we want our terraces ready to enjoy the sun and the plants. If you live in the city, that desire is more than justified, so let’s enjoy it.

Let’s adjust our terraces and balconies, maybe you just have to do a little maintenance. Or maybe you have to check everything, so here we throw some ideas.
Of course before start to buy, let’s be realistic, take measures of our terrace or balcony. I recommend that when you go to look at furniture, take a plan, however simple, with the basic measures:
Width, depth, width of the door, height of wall or railing, if there is water outlet, location of the drain, if you have awning or you would like to have it … The more information the easier it will be.
I propose to make a wish list, think what you want it, how you think you will enjoy it more.
With tables and chairs, for breakfast in the sun and barbecues for example. This option we love, as social as it may be, as more barbecues you make, as more friends you have, it is a rule that does not fail.



If the terrace or balcony is small, there is no excuse for not being able to enjoy it. You can organize with tables and chairs that can be folded or picked up, small tables that can be hung from the railing or even make a bar and turn that rail into a bar.

And…we are talking about barbecues, just in case if you haven’t enough space is not possible to put a fixed, there is a wide range of tabletop and portable barbecues. Even in some supermarkets you will find throwaways. What does not exist is the excuse not to savor a good barbecue of vegetables, meat or fish.

With sunbeds! Because you want to read and enjoy summer naps. We are faithful advocates of reading and napping. There are thousands of models; of plastic, of aluminum, reclining, 180º sun beds and also with metallic structure and wicker, that always gives a more homelike air. You can choose it in raw color and create a more serene or color, take a line of colors and play with it and the colors that best combine. If you lean to mix colors, try to choose a maximum of 3, less is more. One basic, one complementary and one opposite to highlight.

With a hang chair or hammock, which will take you to other places, you can turn your patio into that charming corner. If you are crafty, you can even do it yourself; a seesaw based on some boards joined together and with a backrest, to which we add some cushions to be more comfortable. Turn your terrace or patio into a charming place where you can enjoy reading and a good coffee. Who would not like to start like this one Saturday morning? I’m in.
If you do not dare to hang up, there are also simple options that come with floor support, like this suspended chair.


We are many and we want to enjoy all, so we have a table with a picnic bench and a central table, because where they eat six they eat eight! And a very practical solution for large families or to gather groups of friends are the tables with benches, no one cares to have to tighten a little more if the company is pleasant. We propose wooden benches, although they need more frequent maintenance and it is recommended to varnish them and protect them at the end of the summer.

The possibilities are as many as terraces exist!
As important as the furniture is to dress it, choose your style and combine it. Let’s see what you think of these proposals.
Do we dress the tables?
Floral and fresh, to give a more springlike air to your table. You can put a tablecloth with a smooth base and a scarf, a scarf with the motives that you like the most and combine it with smooth napkins. Combine it with a transparent glassware or white crockery, the basics never fail.

The tradicional transport us to the Mediterranean, in yellow with mimosas in the center, in red accompanied by fresh carnations, roses with white tulips in the center of the table, greens with white daisies accompanied by basil. Combine it with a smooth crockery and if you have unpacked dishes, this is the occasion to remove them. To unify the table use the napkins made a roll in the center of the plate and supports crossed cutlery, there you have it. Surprise everyone and take advantage of your resources.


I want to escape to the tropics, and … Why not? Turn your terrace into your little paradise, with prints that transport you to exotic places; parrots, palm trees, lush flowers. Choose a base color and look for those who can best contrast with it, use it for cushions and auxiliary accessories, some banana trees will do the rest.


Enjoy the spring!